Beach Scoot Accommodator II

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The ADA Titles II & III gives the mobility impaired the right to use a motorized mobility assist vehicle, MAV, (motortized wheelchair/scooter) in all public accommodations & commercial facilities.

Use the Beach Scoot Accommodator II on Beaches

Powerful enough to roll on soft beautiful beach sands. The capacity to carry as much as 400 lbs!

Go Hunting & Fishing!!!

Let's GO FISHING! Go Fishing with the Beach Scoot Accommodator II at Lakes, Riverbanks, Piers and more! Our All Terrain Scooters are even great on Packed Snow and Ice!

Durable, Dependable and Guaranteed Reliable

Classified as a Wheelchair with a slick Scooter Design.

"We tried Beach Scoot while on vacation in Panama City Beach and we were amazed at how convenient it was to roll over all the hills on the beach. I was really pleased at how John & Tom delivered the Scooter so fast. We had a blast! Thanks John & Tom"

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